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We are located in Deland, Florida.

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Ch. Gradon's Fanny Brice

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After 45 years of being at the top of our field as Professional handlers and breeders, the last 30 years, specializing in Shetland Sheepdogs...we "retired" longer on the road all the time.

That "retirement" allowed us to fulfill a lifelong wish for Cheryl. She had always been fascinated with French Bulldogs. When she was in her teens she loved to watch Amanda West of Ralanda Frenchies showing her dogs. Cheryl promised herself that one day a Frenchie would be hers.

So finally we felt the time was right...a time when we were home and could spend that time with our Frenchies. We searched for a very long time for our "perfect look". We were so fortunate to meet Donna and Grandol Forehand of Gradon Frenchies. I explained to Donna that we had some of the top shelties in the country so our Frenchie, like our Shelties, had to have a beautiful face, he had to have great legs, he had to be athletic, he had to have an outline and most of all he had to have what we call "a look of eagles".

A "tall order"? Not for Donna. She sent us exactly what we wanted - a beautiful, bubbly, funny, bouncing baby - Emmett - soon to become Ch. Gradon's Emmett Kelly and the foundation of our French Bulldogs. Emmett was soon to be followed by a baby girl, now Ch. Gradon's Fanny Brice, our matriarch. Donna reminded me that we had talked about a Pied boy originally and she finally had that special one...along came baby Buster...Ch. Gradon's Buster Keaton to join our circus. They are each now proud parents of some of our home bred champions!

Our Frenchies are our beloved pets and showdogs who also do obedience and some agility. We go to shows now but for fun and the love of showing.

We occasionally have puppies to share with approved homes.

You can also visit us at our Dog Grooming salon

Ch. Gradon's Buster Keaton